Gabriel Mazur

Meditation, Mind Training, Sleep Hacking. In the mountains, at your office, your home or via Zoom.

Lessons from the mountains and 9 years in Tibetan Buddhist Hermitage for day to day life.

Connecting high altitude environment and working with the mind.

We can connect at tailored events for you or a group of people, or regular sessions via Zoom. Or you can track my location and join for my daily routines and practice.

Switch off

We already know how it is to live with untrained mind. Maybe we can train it and see what will happen.

Can you switch off? Can you be with what is? When you get home, is your work still with you? And when you get back to work, do you reflect on not spending enough time with your loved ones? When it’s time to sleep, is your mind running?

We all get triggered very fast. Our reaction times are similar. Mastery is how fast we can let go. Switch off. Change between tasks, obligations, situations.

Do you remember when you wanted to be where you are now?

I provide one on one or group sessions filled with guided meditations and simple tools that improve the capacity to be with what is. Gain more space and resources to give this life extra depth and meaning.

Where does my training come from? 9 years in a Tibetan Buddhist Hermitage, 5 years mental health work, IFMGA guide. During the time in the monastery, I accomplished traditional 3 year, 3 month, and 3 day meditation retreat.

I currently guide summer and winter high altitude expeditions, ski trips and provide climbing coaching in remote areas, such as The Alps, Himalaya and The Andes. Check out Just One Step – The Guiding Company for more.

Meditation practice is present in my daily routine as I work to develop more depth and awareness in high consequence environments.

Get in touch – +33 6 52 62 15 70

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